About Us

MNSTEP – Minnesotans Standing Together To End Poverty and Homelessness

Building power, as we advocate together for social, racial, environmental and economic justice.

2018 AT A glance

-Increase number of low wealth and other people of color and culture on boards and other decision-making bodies
-Engage the community, host events and build support to pass the amendment in 2019 to rent control ban.
-Partner with other on the grounds organizations to demonstrate strength and power of community collaboration.
-Co-Host “Women’s gathering for action” at the state capital. Conversation circles for community women to speak together, target next action steps and share in a cross-cultural feast.
-Build on participatory leadership in regional equity in place organizing campaign.
-Advocate for more affordable housing and continue campaigning with Homes4All.
-Sponsor low wealth and other people of color and culture to attend conferences, lead workshops, and take part in other local to national learning and network opportunities.
-Spring launch “Emerging Leaders From The Block 2018”. Public policy, community development, housing and organizing, education advocacy program.